On the Trace of Agile Leadership: The Alphabet of Principles and Practices for Human Work
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Recruitment of Management Trainees - List of Rejected Applications
The following applications were rejected by the automated online registration system for one or 
more of the deficiencies listed below: 
v Wrong entry in the appropriate columns
v Not fulfilling the eligibility criteria such as age / qualification / extent of disability etc
v Not having the prescribed % of marks
v Not having the prescribed branch
v Not having full-time graduation/qualification  and
v Not sending the required DD/documents, as required
Appl ication No. Name Email - ID
MTAG000002 S uresh  Kumar abcdef@yahoo.com
MTAG000005 Vivek Kumar Sandal sandal032002@yahoo.com
MTAG000011 Kumarhar shavardhan har shvardhan_agr i@yahoo.co. in
MTAG000012 Sanj iv  Kumar sanj iv_vrm@yahoo.co. in
MTAG000016 Br i jesh  Kumar br i jesh_spn@yahoo.com
MTAG000017 Anumoy Deb Barma ameuroi@yahoo.com
MTAG000021 Ji tendra  S ingh jeet_ s21100@yahoo.com
MTAG000027 Ji tendra Kumar Komra j i tuigkv@yahoo.com
MTAG000033 Dharm  Pradeep dharampradeep@yahoo.co. in
MTAG000035 Neeraj  Chhajed er_neeraj@yahoo.co. in
MTAG000038 Agya  Ram agyafms@yahoo.co. in
MTAG000048 Manju  K par thypr iya@yahoo.com
MTAG000061 Hafizur rahman hafi j26@yahoo.com
MTAG000073 Kamalkant  Uj inwal kamalkant_agr ineer@yahoo.com
MTAU000004 Mike mikei_24127@yahoo.co. in
MTAU000005 Jayant  Chandra jayant_chandra2003@yahoo.com
MTAU000006 Dinesh  Kanash dinesh_ kanash@yahoo.co. in
MTAU000007 Parakati  Neeraja lewis _neeru@yahoo.com
MTAU000009 T .Naik  Ramavattula kr snanaik@yahoo.com
MTAU000012 S hoban  Raju.B shoban_hear t@yahoo.co. in
MTAU000017 Ashish  More ashishmmore@gmail .com
MTAU000019 Anmol Ashok Ukey anmol_ukey@yahoo.co. in
MTAU000020 M.Anil  Kumar anilkumar _mech2003@yahoo.co. in
MTAU000021 Kamble Amol Pundlikrao apk_15@indiatimes .com
MTAU000022 Rahul  Kas ture kas ty_ rahul@yahoo.co. in
MTAU000025 Ami t  Gautam ruchigau@gmail .com
MTAU000045 Lingala S yam S undar ss l ingala@yahoo.com
MTAU000057 Ray  S hing rai_u@yahoo.com
MTCH000001 I r fan i r fan@jobs treet.com
MTCH000002 Khedkar Rohi t S unil khedkar_ rohi t2000@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000004 Ravi Babu Kuda kudaravi_437@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000018 K.Elaya  Raja elaya_petrochem@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000038 Bandsode Annasaheb Khanderay annasahebb@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000046 Vinod Kumar Meena vinmbm2000@yahoo.com
MTCH000061 Chavada  Nilesh ur snilesh21@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000066 Biswaj i t  Jena biswaj i t_ jena2005@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000075 Pavankumar  Kolasani pavankolasani@gmail .com
MTCH000091 S r inivasaraonallabot cnu_chandu@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000093 S hai lendra  Kumar shai lendra_o_ kumar@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000123 M.S enthil  Kumar senpetro@gmai l .comMTCH000127 Har ish  Verma har ish.verma123@gmail .com
MTCH000129 S uman suman.eck@yahoo.com
MTCH000132 Pradhan  Devendra devendrapradhan2010@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000143 S unil Manohar S ingh sonuip@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000145 Budithi  Rakesh rak_iam@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000193 Ashok  Kumar ashok1985kumar@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000195 Raj Kumar S inghal raj 123_ iet@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000199 Santosh  Kumar raj speaks2002@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000214 M.Kalaiselvam kalai_svg@yahoo.com
MTCH000218 P.V.Radha Kr ishna Adar i radha_ni tw2003@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000221 Sachin  Arora insach04@yahoo.com
MTCH000223 Rajesh  Kumar rajeshsheokand_2005@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000224 Raj iv  Pawar rock_luv4u18@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000233 Ashok  Kumar maar s 009@yahoo.com
MTCH000241 Abhishek  Katiyar abhikatiyar@indiatimes .com
MTCH000277 Narendra Dev Diwakar sumar _ch2005@yahoo.com
MTCH000278 Hemang  Ji j i j hel lo@yahoo.com
MTCH000305 Vinod  Kumar vinod_mni t_chem@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000309 T .Padmanaban padhu_cecr i2003@yahoo.com
MTCH000333 Chinmoy  Mondal chinmoy.m@indiatimes .com
MTCH000355 Ashish Kumar Rana ashish_ni tjal@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000364 A.Prabu  Das aprabhudas@gmail .com
MTCH000365 Chetan Rohidas S omvanshi che7179@fresher swor ld.com
MTCH000366 Bulla  Butchaiah butchaiah_jesus@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000374 Mangesh S Bavis kar mangesh_571@rediimail .com
MTCH000380 K.Elayaraja kselaya@hotmail .com
MTCH000409 Rekha S ur ya Ki ran Kumar ki ran_har ley@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000410 Ravi Kumar Kunche rkkunche@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000437 Per iyaswamy  Kannan p.kannan@i tc.co. in
MTCH000441 Bidyut  De bidyutde80@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000505 A.Gnanaprakasam gnanam_ 15@yahoo.com
MTCH000518 S unil  Kumar sunil .k.paul@gmail .com
MTCH000535 Manihs Kumar S ingh manish2812dce@yahoo.com
MTCH000541 S .S . Vinish S hankar vinish_chem1@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000546 Kumar i S uman Rani ks r_chem99@yahoo.com2
MTCH000559 Swapnil Prabhakar Kale swapni l_chem_engg@yahoo.co. in
MTCH000566 S r idhar  Kalawala s r idhar_8k@yahoo.com
MTCH000571 Prashant meet_prashant21@yahoo.com
MTCH000591 Venki venki@yahoo.com
MTCH000594 Bandi Chandra S ekhar chandu_02841@yahoo.com
MTCH000626 S uresh  Chakrasal i sush_ctna@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000002 Praveen  Kumar acdfr@s i fy.com
MTCS 000005 Devaraju  Kopela devarajumca.kopela@gmail .com
MTCS 000010 Mahesh.  V mahesh_vi ttal@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000012 Robin robinjoseph3311@yahoo.com
MTCS 000023 S haik. Mehatab Banu mehatab_22@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000028 Dfdf dr santoshpadhy@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000070 Vishweshwar  Rao.Jeedi visu_ jeedi@yahoo.com
MTCS 000073 Pothumudi  Himabindu bindu_ vtps@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000074 Ravinder .  D dravinder_1841@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000080 V.Naresh  Munagala vnmunagala@gmai l .com
MTCS 000081 Gopinath  Battula gopi_272004@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000084 Deeravath  Naras imha dnn_ fr iendship@yahoo.com
MTCS 000087 Ami t  Manthanwar ami t_bh497@yahoo.comMTCS 000096 Ajay  Kumar ajayupadhyay1983@indiatimes .com
MTCS 000123 T .S hoba shobha_vi j 2000@yahoo.com
MTCS 000130 Sarad S ingh Mundar i mundar i82@yahoo.com
MTCS 000135 Manoj Kumar Lagur i manoj 642@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000137 Gi r ish  Sahu gi r ish_sahu2003@yahoo.com
MTCS 000158 Har shdeep  S ingh har shdeep83@gmail .com
MTCS 000159 S heeba Beegom S beegom@gmail .com
MTCS 000161 Babgally  A omegabab@epatra.com
MTCS 000167 Ravi Kumar Dehar iya dehar iya@gmail .com
MTCS 000169 Chaital i  Chichghare chai tneel@yahoo.com
MTCS 000192 S reenu  Banoth s reenu_banoth2004@yahoo.com
MTCS 000199 Neeraj  Kumar neeraj _kher ia@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000201 Abhishek Kr S haw ABHI 007_JGEC@YAHOO.COM
MTCS 000207 Jyoti  T r ipathy koi_ to_hai_sayad@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000252 Sadashiv  Mishra sadashiv_mishra@yahoo.com
MTCS 000269 Bi radar Amas idda Revans idda g_amas idda@indiatimes .com
MTCS 000270 B.B.G.T .S .Mur thy mur thy_bbgts2000@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000284 Deepak  Agrawal deepak_agl2002@yahoo.com
MTCS 000302 Rajakumar .C inforaaj@gmai l .com
MTCS 000318 Devendra  Chaudhary devendra16_11@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000320 Ch Rajendra Babu raajendrach@gmail .com
MTCS 000344 Mathangi Jos tna Prasanthi j yothsna_prasanthi@yahoo.com
MTCS 000350 Keer tivardhan rkeer ti@gmail .com
MTCS 000351 Nagesh B K nagesh_uvce2005@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000354 Jagbeer  S ingh wil lybokadia@yahoo.com
MTCS 000366 Raj Kumar Datta kumar _ raj _datta@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000367 Purusottam  Panda puru_unl im@yahoo.com
MTCS 000371 Krushna Chandra Khuntia krushna1999@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000386 B.Ramamohan rama_mohan_b@yahoo.com
MTCS 000422 S uvendu Kumar T andy suvendu. tandy@gmai l .com
MTCS 000423 Ami t Kumar Verma ami t_00953@yahoo.com
MTCS 000427 Mamatha mam3_45@yahoo.com
MTCS 000431 Venkata S ubba Reddy Evur i subba2005@gmail .com
MTCS 000447 Prakash  Bethapudi prakash_vza@yahoo.com
MTCS 000464 S ubash  M subash1111@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000473 Meena  Prakash prakashk2y@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000490 Santosh Kumar S ingh sa_r j2003@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000492 Ar i j i t  Podder ex_ar i@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000501 Prasanta Kumar Mohapatra pras _ rkl@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000504 Ni ranjan  Bhambi niranjan_bhambi@yahoo.com
MTCS 000525 Rakesh  Pur igilla raaki007@yahoo.com
MTCS 000528 Abhishek Kr S haw ABHI 007_JGEC@YAHOO.CO. I N
MTCS 000552 Kar thi  N kar thi14u@s i fymai l .com
MTCS 000567 Lakhapat  S ankhala lakhapatsankhala@yahoo.com
MTCS 000577 Ravinder  Janotra ravinder _janotra@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000582 Jeno.P jeno.sahay@gmail .com
MTCS 000599 Ami t  Ranjan callami tranjan@yahoo.com
MTCS 000613 J.S uresh  Naik suresh.naik@gmail .com
MTCS 000636 Md.Waseem  Raja waseem16raja@yahoo.com
MTCS 000660 Md.Aboobakar aboobakarali@yahoo.com
MTCS 000667 Ramanjaneyulu  Pasupuleti ramanjaneyulu_i t@yahoo.com
MTCS 000671 Dasar i .Ashok  Chakravar thy da_chakravar thy@yahoo.com
MTCS 000702 Chanderaki ran chandra723941@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000730 Vivekanand  Jha ervnjha@yahoo.co. inMTCS 000741 S uresh  Kumar suresh_ora@hotmail .com
MTCS 000788 Ni tin  Choubey nitin.choubey@gmail .com
MTCS 000806 Abhishek  Kanchan abhishek_ietcs jm@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000814 Ni tesh  Kumar nits _nofear@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000823 Gajpati Lal Ratre gajju_cs@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000829 Yogesh Kumar Gothwal yogesh_gothwal@yahoo.com
MTCS 000838 Pramod  Kumar pramodguatam2002@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000854 Atanu  Jana atanubec05@gmail .com
MTCS 000858 S hashikala  Kotha shashikalakotha@yahoo.com
MTCS 000861 B.Saravana  Kumar b.sarankumar@gmail .com
MTCS 000864 Rupnar S hr ikant Har ishchandra shr i_rupnar@yahoo.com
MTCS 000870 Guguloth  Nandaram g_nandaram@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000885 Mi r za Aar i f Beg Aar i f_ it2004@yahoo.com
MTCS 000887 Gaurav  Nainiwal nainiwal_27july@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000901 Prakash Vyankati j i Dhondi prakash_dhondi@yahoo.com
MTCS 000941 Gurmeet  S ingh imgsd4u@yahoo.com
MTCS 000942 Samunder  S ingh rohi lla.sam@hotmail .com
MTCS 000979 Rajesh  Kumar rajesh78kumar@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 000999 Divya  Rk divyakr ishnan_83@yahoo.com
MTCS 001003 Braj  Gopal brajgpl@hotmail .com
MTCS 001019 S ubramanyam  Potti subramanyampotti@yahoo.com
MTCS 001021 Braj Gopal Mishra brajgpl@gmail .com
MTCS 001042 Ram Karan Verma vermaramkaran@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001068 Ashish Kumar S ingh ashishks85@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001070 Devi  Yadamma devi_ymn@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001110 Ande  S udhakar sudhakarandhe@gmai l .com
MTCS 001142 Pranab  Pal palbiswarup@s i fy.com
MTCS 001170 Arun Kumar Yadav ak_ ydv@yahoo.com
MTCS 001196 T .Prasada  Rao tdp1432003@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001200 Jagbeer  S ingh wil lybokadia@gmail .com
MTCS 001204 Ranjana  S hakya sanjana_19801@yahoo.com
MTCS 001214 T hushara  E.K thushar_a@yahoo.com
MTCS 001225 Rajendra  S ingh khatana_eck2005@yahoo.com
MTCS 001252 M T hirumala S r ikanth s r ikanth1981@gmai l .com
MTCS 001260 Alok  Kumar alok_ kumar630@yahoo.com
MTCS 001281 Ashok Kumar Parya asson_com2002@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001294 Kamlesh  Jarwal kamlesh_jarwal79@yahoo.com
MTCS 001311 S ui t Br ing S abar suit_sabar@yahoo.com
MTCS 001312 Gyandhar  Gond getgyan4@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001324 S .Par thasarathy sp.par tha@gmail .com
MTCS 001331 Veeramani rveeramani82@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001359 Gaurav  T r ipathi gsmar t15@yahoo.com
MTCS 001371 Ubale Vinod Namdevrao vinodnubale@yahoo.com
MTCS 001423 Deepak S E sedeepak@yahoo.com
MTCS 001426 Pankaj Kumar Maheshwar i pankaj _anpr@yahoo.com
MTCS 001441 T .Prasada  Rao tss iva255@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001473 G.  Kar thikeyan kar thik_1601@yahoo.com
MTCS 001493 Kamal  Borana kamalborana2006@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001504 Bed  S ingh beds ingh@gmail .com
MTCS 001517 Prasanta  Mandal prasantamandal_cse@yahoo.com
MTCS 001524 Prashanta  Mondal prashanta_cs2005@yahoo.com
MTCS 001529 Kaviarasan  . R kavibtechten@yahoo.com
MTCS 001551 Dheerendra Vikram S ingh dheerendra2k@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001591 Pramod Kumar S ingh pramodr jpt@yahoo.co. inMTCS 001632 Bambole Ankush Ani ruddha ankush_ct@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001639 Babu  C babu20052001mca@gmail .com
MTCS 001643 Chandrashekar dholangar@yahoo.com
MTCS 001647 Lai la  Bano laila_bano2001@yahoo.com
MTCS 001684 Dfgbds fb dev4ualways02@yahoo.com
MTCS 001714 S uresh  S ur in sur52xis s@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001724 Madan Mohan Mallavel l i 2005.madan@gmail .com
MTCS 001768 Rajesh  T ulas i rajesh_cs527@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001779 Alka  S ulania alka.sulania@gmail .com
MTCS 001792 Ami t  Kumar ami ts ingh8217@s i fy.com
MTCS 001861 Chandra Lachmayya Moger d0553045@ncb.ernet. in
MTCS 001891 S umi t Kumar Sahu sumi t_ jhans i@yahoo.com
MTCS 001901 L Mohan Babu mohanlokku@gmail .com
MTCS 001910 Deepak  Kor i kor ideepak@gmail .com
MTCS 001923 Neethu  .S neethu2003m2003@yahoo.com
MTCS 001926 S .Sathees  Kumar sathees _oct@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001927 Karunakumar  Bakki karunmca_111@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 001928 Naveen  R navin4umail@yahoo.com
MTCS 001943 Rajakumar kr@gmai l .com
MTCS 001956 S hibendu  Debbarma shibendu@gmail .com
MTCS 001962 Mayaram mayaram87@YAHOO.COM
MTCS 001978 Gurmi t  S ingh megurmi t@gmai l .com
MTCS 001981 Rajesh  Raju rajesh780881@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002013 Bhavesh  Parekh bhaveshparekh_ sgs i ts@yahoo.com
MTCS 002026 Harendra Kumar Khatr i harendra_ khatr i2002@yahoo.com
MTCS 002036 Abanesh  Kumar abanesh_2002@indiatimes .com
MTCS 002051 Vikram S hil Patil vikramshil@yahoo.com
MTCS 002060 T r ipti  Bhalekar antra_at_95@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002066 Gonarkar Vishwajeet Sanjeev vishwajeet1@yahoo.com
MTCS 002081 Ami t Kumar S ingh er21@yahoo.com
MTCS 002103 Rajashekar  A rajashekaralladi@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002122 Kaviarasan  R kavibtechten@gmai l .com
MTCS 002157 Ni tin  Ar se nitin_ar se23@hotmail .com
MTCS 002158 D.Ravi  Chandra ravi_chand9@yahoo.com
MTCS 002169 S .A.  S ubhakar subhakar_mca@yahoo.com
MTCS 002178 Ramesh  Kumar rkv.ramesh@gmail .com
MTCS 002186 Mega  S harma mega_ sharma@yahoo.com
MTCS 002189 N.Usha  Rani usha552@yahoo.com
MTCS 002212 Veer Pal S ingh azaad_91@indiatimes .com
MTCS 002232 Sambas iva Rao Er igi samba_ y2cs084@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002244 Mukesh Kumar Patidar mukeshpatidar@hotmai l .com
MTCS 002262 Kar tar  Jat kar tar_ jat@yahoo.com
MTCS 002265 Pothumudihimabindu himabinducse06@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002268 Lokesha N S lokcs5@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002286 Ds fsdfsdaf sanj@yahoo.com
MTCS 002288 Madhusudan  Choukikar madhusudan7@gmai l .com
MTCS 002306 Chaital i  Chichghare chai tal ichichghare@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002324 Abdul T ofique S idhique abdul_ tofique2001@yahoo.com
MTCS 002326 M.Dhanunjaya radha_dhanu@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002332 Pradeep  Rawal rawal_08@yahoo.com
MTCS 002333 Pr iyanka  Naveen pr iya_poems@yahoo.com
MTCS 002351 Jatinder Kaur Mahi jatindermahi@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002356 S helendra  S ingh shelendra_ii t2006@yahoo.com
MTCS 002385 Vincent  Pappachan meetvincent@gmail .comMTCS 002390 Ramesh  N R@r .com
MTCS 002392 T anushree  Karar tanu_ karar@yahoo.com
MTCS 002401 Akhi lesh Kumar S harma akhileshshm@yahoo.com
MTCS 002414 Animesh Ni raj Ekka animeshni raj@gmail .com
MTCS 002422 S reekanth  S iddinaboina s reekanths id@gmail .com
MTCS 002439 S Manohar Naik manohar _amen@yahoo.com
MTCS 002449 Santosh Kumar Kannouj ia shiv_meera@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002498 Yatishcbz@Yahoo.Co. I yatishcbz@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002513 Fantoos s j _iet@YAHOO.COM
MTCS 002515 Jyoti  T r ipathy j yoti_pleasant@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002525 Vi rendra  Kumar meet_vi ren@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002537 Hardeep  S ingh hardeep_mahi@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002557 Neel ima  Murmu neel imamurmu@yahoo.com
MTCS 002561 Y Vinod Kumar vinodh_ppp@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002580 Dil ip  S isodia di ls is _hard@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002606 Vivek  Kumar vk13_ in@yahoo.com
MTCS 002619 Mohammed Umer Mujahid umer _mujahid1982@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002624 Jay S hankar S ingh sus426bsp@yahoo.com
MTCS 002627 Vnod  Kumar vinod_ knt@yahoo.com
MTCS 002645 S ur inder sur inder2083@yahoo.com
MTCS 002648 Ravi Kumar Gautam raviniec@indiatimes .com
MTCS 002666 B.Saravana Kumar b.sarankumar@gmail .com
MTCS 002667 Digambar  S ingh digambar s2003@yahoo.com
MTCS 002679 Abhi j i t  Halder abhi j i t_jgec2005@indiatimes .com
MTCS 002682 Mangamma  Dharavathu manga_924@yahoo.com
MTCS 002705 Divya Prakash Mishra d1p2m3@yahoo.com
MTCS 002715 Ranj i t  S ingh ranj i t_navtesh@jyahoo.com
MTCS 002753 Bishwaj i t  Pramanik bpi tsuj i@gmail .com
MTCS 002757 Rajergf  Gdrdrcycty rajeev_gfff@yahoo.com
MTCS 002792 Gungan  S harma er .gungan@gmai l .com
MTCS 002795 Sar i tha saree@yahoo.com
MTCS 002803 Raj Kumar Sagar rajni tk2002@gmail .com
MTCS 002816 Ramesh ranesh@gmail .com
MTCS 002823 T hanuja  B.M. tanu_bmt@yahoo.com
MTCS 002853 N.S elvakumar iselvaa@s i fy.com
MTCS 002897 Himansu  Dehery or i -bjhar suguda@gramsat.nic. in
MTCS 002900 Kavya fhhnj fj@yahoo.com
MTCS 002906 S r inivas  Bhukya s r i_ni t2002@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002909 Maheswar  Dalai har ibmhcl@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002914 Pranok pranokh@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002915 Om  Prakash johnson_om2001@yahoo.com
MTCS 002923 Vi jay  Prakash vpmvictor@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 002932 Br i jendra Kumar Verma verma_r j i t@yahoo.com
MTCS 002937 Nawang  Dor j i nawang.dor j i@gmail .com
MTCS 002942 Divya Prakash Mishra er_chintan2003@indiatimes .com
MTCS 002948 Purnima  T otad purnimatotad@yahoo.com
MTCS 002981 V.  S anjeev vadloor ies@yahoo.com
MTCS 003000 Y.Abdul  Munaf munaf844@yahoo.com
MTCS 003001 B.Nidhan  S iddhar thanand nidhan_anand@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003042 R.  Kavi tha jayshr ient@eth.net
MTCS 003060 Kulwinder  S ingh ks lmay22@yahoo.com
MTCS 003063 Undeti Vara Prasad uvaraprasad@yahoo.com
MTCS 003097 Ni ranjan  Behera behera_ni ra@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003112 Raja.T tp_ raja@yahoo.co. inMTCS 003118 Manisha  Manjul lamhewi thsuni l@yahoo.com
MTCS 003135 Santosh  Kumar santoshs kuwar@yahoo.com
MTCS 003145 Mukesh  Kumar mukesh_alw@india.com
MTCS 003147 Y.Abdul  Munaf munaf844@gmail .com
MTCS 003152 S under  S ingh sunder2k2@indiatimes .com
MTCS 003158 Ram Nainar S ramnainar_s@yahoo.com
MTCS 003160 Ajay  Kumar ajay_iet05@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003192 S umi t Kumar Sahu ami tks _ jhs@yahoo.com
MTCS 003204 Jashvender jashvender_mohan@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003222 S ushma B H sushma_basur@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003277 Raghavendra  D raghu1312@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003278 S harad Kumar Ranu sharad02@yahoo.com
MTCS 003290 Mani  Nagar mani .nagar@gmail .com
MTCS 003294 Saurabh  S harma S ourabh_monu1981@yahoo.com
MTCS 003313 S uni l Kumar Bhar ti bhar ti_sunil1@yahoo.com
MTCS 003337 Raja  S s raja_82@yahoo.com
MTCS 003340 Ramu  Amiti ramu_ami ti@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003344 Vi jaya Kumar . Undralla vjay_39@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003347 Kapi l  Kumar kapil_eng15@yahoo.com
MTCS 003359 S . Vi jaya Lakshmi aruldhas6gw@yahoo.com
MTCS 003361 Rakesh  Gajbhiye rakesh_gajbhiye@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003364 Madhu  Gur indapalli madhu46_glav@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003376 Winner  Bontha vinner1710@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003398 Vidya kosgividya@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003413 T .Ar ivanantham tar ivanantham11@yahoo.co. in
MTCS 003437 Randive Sandip Yadaorao sandyran2004@gmail .com
MTCS 003452 Basant Kumar Meena basant43@yahoo.com
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